Solution with Antrax

Voice traffic termination from Voice over IP to GSM network of mobile operators is needed.

It will need the best solution from Antrax which comes in software and hardware complex for getting effective termination whether in large or small volumes.

As for the hardware, this solution comes with GSM gateway and Antrax sim box.

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Entrepreneurial Proposals Effective Tips To Finding Investors

One important factor that determines a business can grow and develop rapidly is sufficient capital support. Somewhat different with the business sector is business opportunities based on talent creativity or hobbies, financial strength usually plays an important role especially in the business sectors that require co-operation with the supplier of goods or materials, tool providers, leasing office space, promotion and other needs as supporting businesses to be run. One possible source of funding that can be obtained for entrepreneurs engaged in the business is by working with investors. It is therefore important for employers to know how to create an effective funding proposal, because this is an opportunity to convince potential investors that your business runs efficiently, has the good prospects, the financial position of the balance of good and future with the fabric of the agreement, it will generate a profit for the both sides. Here are tips on effective entrepreneur proposal to find investors.

Before making a funding proposal entrepreneur, you need to do the planning and research and make sure you have found the following conditions:

Finding potential investors who have the same interest and enthusiasm with you and your business.
Have something to sell high value offered to prospective investors.
Having a variety of products or services that will be created by your efforts.
Having a clear market for the product or service and will actually be accepted by the target market.
Having the estimated costs required to run your business in detail.
Able to convey ideas and concepts are complete and convincing potential investors.
Once you have the above mentioned conditions, entrepreneurial start writing funding proposals, pour your purpose and goals in the form of the draft by taking into account the following matters:

Use a style that is well structured. From the way the selection and delivery of the word, we can assess the quality of a person and his ability to run a business can be reflected there. Discuss the material in the proposal team to produce a communication of good quality.
Persuasive. The purpose of the proposal is that a person agrees to entrust their money to you. So use a style that is persuasive and persuading that you get confidence.
Details and Factual. You must master the technical side of your business and be able to explain exactly when needed.
Short and Clear. Tell all the information you need with clear, concise and brief.
Elements that are in your entrepreneurial funding proposal submission:

Project Summary (Summary)
First we make a summary that gives an overview of the project you have concepted. Here you will explain the opportunities you want to take over the business media that you create. Way how, what constraints, why should be taken, how long it took and how much it cost.


Introduction is introduced to prospective investors on the inner side of your company. Shows how you organize and manage resources. Where the company’s address, how the shape of the organizational structure that shows who you are and what team under its control, Include also the vision and mission of the company and the company’s goals.

Company Background

Prepare background information on the company and its relationship with the business they work area is also important for potential investors into consideration. Provide an overview of the environmental and operational conditions of your company in running the business, including how to manage your market into segments. Include also a SWOT analysis of your company.

Project Details

Details of the project explains how you have a business plan and how do you achieve the goal. Describe clearly about your goals and what is needed to achieve and the amount of funding needs. Include a list of the resources you have, including human resources and supporting technologies that will helps achieve your objectives. It is also important to convey how you will measure the progress of the business and how to deliver the report. Provide relevant figures also include supporting documents.


In this section you will explain how the funds raised from investors will be used and accounted for. Include a list of the main budget with supporting document for more details. A budget is a financial plan that will control the allocation of funds. You will need to research the cost to anticipate unexpected costs arising out of your budget.

Supporting documents

Documents and other supporting material can includes anything that can help potential investors make decisions. These support materials may include financial information, bank statement, tax returns, legal documents, charter or state recognition of institutional and other information about the company that you think would be relevant to say.

Closing Statement

The final part of your self-employment proposal of thanks and appreciation to the prospective investors. Add also the positive words about the project you have to offer, be reminded of the potential profit you are targeting, refund and favorable conditions of your business.

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Easy Payday Loan among Hard Time

Unpleasant event may happen anytime and can strike anyone. Most of these events take everything out including their own money saving. How do they expect to go with their live at least until they get their paycheck?
The online payday loan is the answer. Online hold the answer and there is no need to go outside and no need to fax for any document.
It was easy to get a payday loan among hard time that people have in their life. They can get their loan, move on with their life and they pay the loan back when they got their paycheck, and that is the end of the problem.

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A Clean Office is Always a Money-making Office

A clean office always makes money and an unclean one is the worst place to do office works. The cleanliness of your office facility often becomes an important factor your clients and partners consider when determining the credibility of your business. When they find that the floor they step on is dusty and paper documents on desks are not properly arranged, they will question your business’s credibility and your integrity as its owner. Why? Because if your office is dirty, you will not have enthusiastic employees who work wholeheartedly and productively. Have a clean office and more and more prospects will be interested to do business with you and more and more money will flow to your bank account. Have a dirty office and you may have to close your business sooner than you expect.

Keeping your office clean and properly organized is not necessarily a complicated job. Hiring janitors is indeed a complicated job because it involves meticulous background check, screening process and payroll management. To have professional janitors clean your office without having to deal with such complication, you can hire an office cleaning service. Little Rock & Central Arkansas office cleaningservice is ready to provide assistance to all office building owners in that area. Hire this service and you can have your office cleaned perfectly without having to get through the difficult process of janitor recruitment.

Why should you rely on an office cleaning service? When you hire the service, it will dispatch janitorial personnel who will work professionally and efficiently. Your office will be cleaned as quickly as possible and even with such quick job, no dirt or garbage will be found in your office. They also use cleaning supplies that will not harm everyone who works in your office. By hiring this service, your office will always be clean and making money.

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Can Am Commander Enclosure

If you’re one of the lucky few to live in the Northeast or the Midwest, a cab enclosure for your Can Am Commander is probably a necessity for the cold winter months. Well-known companies from Bush to Mammoth to utvcabenclosures offer a variety of excellent enclosures, some that include a hard windshield and others that combine a roof, doors, or rear panel, or any combination of these. You can also have an enclosure made in simple black or complex patterns like Moss Oak, National Guard or Desert Camo.

The Bush accessories Can Am Full Cab enclosure is modular so it can be used in any combination of two pieces for all-season use. This enclosure is actually two pieces but it functions as four different enclosures. This full enclosure offers cold weather protection on all sides, and when warmer weather rolls around, it is easy to simply zip the doors off to get a little fresh air. The back of the enclosure is a separate panel from the rest of the cab, and on those really hot days it is easy to use the windshield and roof only. Color choices for this enclosure include Black Onyx, Hemp Beige, Desert Camo or Army Camo.

UTV cab Enclosures makes a variety of enclosures no matter what UTV model you own. This Doors and Rear Window Combo features the same modular design offered for the Can Am Commander Full Cab. Both side doors and the rear window are combined for one affordable price. This enclosure is perfect for units that came with a Hard Windshield and Top, and the enclosure is hand crafted using Professional Grade Marine Textile. The material is virtually Waterproof, Puncture Resistant, Tear Resistant, and Scratch Resistant, and Aquaview 30 gauge vinyl windows are used for the rear and side windows. The self-adhesive Velcro straps and industrial strength provide a custom fit unlike any other enclosure on the market. The custom Soft Door / Rear Window Combo offers superior protection from the elements. For many other Can Am Commander enclosures, visit

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