Apple Stock Down, Wall Street Free Fall

Stocks on Wall Street fell quite in after emerging fears of profit-taking (profit-taking) toward the end of the third quarter. The sell-off was also triggered by the Apple stock dropped to 3.8%.

8 iOS operating system is problematic reap a lot of criticism, especially coupled with the issue of the iPhone 6 is no easily bent. Investors are not happy with this, the iPad maker was directly subject to the selling pressure.

Peter Cardillo, analyst for Global Capital, said the sell-off was also driven by geopolitical conflicts in some countries, such as Iraq and Ukraine. Not to mention the economic data released in the United States slowed monitored.

“Investors are also many books

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Third Richest Man in the World Does not Want to Buy Alibaba Stock

Alibaba Group today shocking Wall Street with its first stock surges of up to 38%. E-commerce companies from China is making the $ 25 billion through an initial public offering (IPO).

Its shares were very actively traded, beating the number of shares traded on the first day of Twitter. Quite a lot of investors are eyeing Alibaba shares.

But there are also investors who do not want to buy these shares from Chinese companies, namely Warren Buffet, the third richest man in the world at the same snapper investors in the investment world.

As quoted by Forbes, here are five reasons Buffet not interested buy Alibaba shares:

1 Less Interesting Globally
Alibaba may be interesting in its home country, with many consumers but only in China, not in the world. IPO funds could be used for expansion, but does not accept alibaba world market? Especially in countries that are already accustomed to using eBay and Amazon.

The business model is easy Imitated

2 People
Alibaba’s business model may be difficult to imitate Chinese company, because of its success has been aided by the local government (especially about the ban several Internet sites western countries).

Without the help of Alibaba’s probably just one of many buying and selling websites in the world. These types of sites are most easily imitated by many companies.

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Sony Xperia laid off 1,000 employees, Loss Because of Rp 25 Trillion

Sony plans to cut 15% of employees in the division of mobile (phone) aka smart smartphone Sony Xperia produce. Total employees who will be subject to termination of employment (FLE) of approximately 1,000 people.

This is done because the layoffs Sony smartphone sales sag in the market. Top of this unsatisfactory performance, Sony predicts it will lose 230 billion yen by the end of this year.

Forecast loss was swollen four times higher than the previous prediction that only

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Wall Street Fall to Red Zone Dragged Shares of Apple

New York Wall Street stock -Market ended in the red zone correction dragged Apple’s stock and government bond yields the United States (USA) who touched the highest point of this month. Market participants are worried the Federal Reserve will raise interest rates in the near future.

All sectors in the S & P 500 index ended negative. Apple shares surged 4.8% in early trade fell after announcing its newest product is smartwatch.

Shares of the iPhone that was down 0.4% to US $ 97.99 per share. Apple also announced two variants of the iPhone with a larger screen.

Sectors leading the decline dividend contributor largest market, especially utilities and telecommunications.

“The US economy improving slowly make the Fed will tighten monetary policy,” said Doug Cote, chief market strategist of Voya Investment Management in New York, told Reuters.

At the close of trading on Tuesday, the Dow Jones index decreased 97.55 points (0.57%) to a level of 17013.87, the S & P 500 index lost 13.1 points (0.65%) to a level of 1988.44 and Nasdaq Composite Index dropped 40.00 points (0.87%) to a level of 4552.29.

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Pull foreign Rp 500 Billion From Stock, JCI Truncated 14 Points

Composite Stock Price Index (CSPI) trimmed 14 points, suffered a sell-off by foreign investors. Foreign funds continue to flow out of the trading floor.

While the rupiah against the dollar the United States (USA) closed lower at Rp 11,930 per dollar as compared to the position at the close of trading yesterday at Rp 11,910 per dollar.

Opening the trade this morning, JCI edged 6.890 points (0.13%) to a level in the middle 5151.788 correction that occurred in Asian bourses. Announcement of the new cabinet by President elect Joko Widodo (Jokowi) gave a positive sentiment.

Buying crowded but not enough to push the JCI rose in the green zone. Stocks that had targeted contact with investors yesterday.

At the close of the first trading session, JCI thinned 4.820 points (0.09%) to a level of 5140.078. Foreign selling has not stopped ‘beat’ JCI.

JCI Unfortunately this does not last long. After rising to its highest point today at the level of 5156, JCI directly affected by the sell and fell into the red zone.

Closing trade on Tuesday (09/16/2014), JCI cut 14,395 points (0.28%) to a level of 5130.503. While LQ45 corrected 2,987 points (0.34%) to a level of 867.342.

Foreign investors continued to sell shares and pull funds out of the trading floor. Foreign transactions this afternoon recorded net selling (foreign net sell) worth more than USD 500 billion in the regular market.

Trade today went pretty quiet with as many as 249 664 times the frequency of transactions with a volume of 4.3 billion shares valued at Rp 4.2 trillion. A total of 112 stocks up, 164 down, and 105 shares stagnant

Asian bourses fell compact this afternoon. Plan The Federal Reserve raised interest rates to investors worried.

Here the situation and condition of regional exchanges this afternoon:

The Nikkei 225 fell 36.76 points (0.23%) to a level of 15911.53.
The Hang Seng Index fell 220.98 points (0.91%) to a level of 24136.01.
Shanghai Composite Index dropped 42.58 points (1.82%) to a level of 2296.56.
Straits Times Index fell 40.62 points (1.23%) to a level of 3271.85.
The shares are up significantly and entered the ranks of the top gainers among which are the Delta Jakarta (DLTA) up to Rp 11,975 to Rp 400,000, Indo Tambangraya (ITMG) up to Rp 1,150 to Rp 27,175, Gudang Garam (GGRM) rose Rp 550 to Rp 56 550 , and Samudera Indonesia (SMDR) rose Rp 450 to Rp 7,750.

While stocks were down quite deep and top losers in the category include Multi Bintang (MLBI) went down by $ 14,000 to Rp 1.4 million, Airlines Reinsurance (MREI) fell Rp 965 to Rp 3,689, Insurance Development Fund (ABDA) down Rp 875 to Rp 5,025, and Indocement (INTP) fell Rp 475 to Rp 23,525.

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